GWR  Duke  Class 4-4-0    O Gauge Fine Scale Model  of Passenger Locomotive 3284      Isle of Jersey


A hand-built model using an etched brass kit as the basis of construction and professionally painted to a high standard. The model depicts Isle of Jersey which retained her narrow cab end, (Only a couple of other did) as running in the early 1930s. She was later renumbered.




This class of fifty-four locomotives, was designed by William Dean and built between 1895 and 1899 in the Swindon Works for express passenger work in the hilly country of Devon and Cornwall. They had 5ft 7.5in diameter driving wheels, and 18in diameter cylinders with a 26in stroke. Boiler pressure was 160psi. The locomotives weighed 70 tons (full). Initially, their tenders were very small to fit on the small turn tables in the West Country. The last loco withdrawn in 1950. All but two of the class ran more than a million miles in service. Some were rebuilt with larger, higher-pressure boilers to become members of the “Bulldog” class.