BR Class 52 Fine Scale 0 Gauge RTR Model D1047 Western Lord Diesel Hydraulic

Produced by Danish company Heljan and in line other model railway companies the models are manufactured in China. British Outline now forms the biggest part of the Heljan business. Painted in maroon livery with small yellow warning panels, applicable to D1009-34 and D1043-73 as built. Most of the class were repainted into this livery before BR blue was introduced in 1966



Western Lord was built at Crewe on 4th February 1963 and scrapped at Swindon on 9th September 1976. The Westerns were powered by two Maybach MD655 V12 diesels -24 pots gave them a distinctive sound. Transmission was via two hydraulic Voith-North British units with each bogie carrying three torque converters. This gave them the highest tractive effort of all BR diesels of the time. The locomotive weighed 108 long tons, was 68 ft long. It had 3ft 7in driving wheels and the tractive effort was 66,700 lbf. With a power output of 2000hp at the rail, it could reach 90mph. Fuel capacity 850 imp gal.